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Your Devine Destinee challenge for 2014: Daily devotionals

Your Devine Destinee
Your Devine Destinee
Destinee Devina

Each day is an opportunity to grown, teach and learn. Every moment is a chance to write your own story. For some, this comes as easy as speaking but for others it can be much more difficult.

For the year of 2014, part of the Your Devine Destinee challenge, there will be daily devotionals. If you’d like to read more about the Your Devine Destinee challenge, please click here.

A daily devotional is a type of publication that is made for the improvement and clarity of the mind, body and spirit of the reader. Daily devotionals are often meditations, mantras, or prayers.

Living in the age of technology and social media these daily devotionals will be completed through instagram, facebook and twitter. Each day has a theme for personal improvement.

Monday is Mantra Monday. On Monday there will be a mantra that one is to read and keep in the back of their mind for that week. If you are unclear what a mantra is, please click here for a further explanation.

Tuesday is Testimony Tuesday. A testimony is often thought of as a term only a lawyer may use. The definition of a testimony is a declaration of an assertion. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and think about the what ifs and should haves but if we focus on the facts, we have a grand perspective. A testimony could be something as simple as “I woke up today,” or “The bills are paid.” They can also be as complex as “I woke up today, the bills are paid, I have a few dollars left from my check but I am breathing and alive.” The point of Testimony Tuesday is to focus on the positive facts about your life.

Wednesday is Workout Wednesday. Fitness is a great stress reliever and it is a must to maintain a healthy body. Every Wednesday one should post a picture about working out. It could be a selfie or a picture of your favorite workout. Whatever your level of fitness is, be proud of it. We all start somewhere and it’s important to try and break out of the comfort zone.

Thursday is Thankful Thursday. Every Thursday you need to say what you are thankful for. It could be something as simple as saying “I’m thankful for this headache because that means I am alive and I can feel”. It can also be complex as saying “I’m thankful for the lesson I have been taught throughout life.” Whatever you are thankful for you need to say it at least once a week. There are a few studies that believe the more grateful a person is the happier they are. Give it a shot, and see if this works for you.

Friday is Favorites Friday. The quickest way to gain a relationship is to focus on the similarities both parties have. By posting what your favorites are, you’re welcoming people into your little world. You can post your favorite movie, song, Bible verse, youtube video or even your favorite memory. Anything you post will open yourself up to another person and allow them to form a bond with you.

Saturdays are Self-less Saturdays. In a society that is based on getting individuals ahead instead of working together for the betterment of the people, it can be amazing to be self-less. Being self-less is putting the other person’s needs, wants and feelings before your own. If you notice your co-worker has a new haircut, instead of being shy and never mentioning it, put the person before your feelings and speak up and say something. Hold the door for someone, stand up for someone, fix your friend or parent a plate of food before you make your own. The world needs people that at least try to make the world a better place. You’d be surprised how much of an impact you’d have on someone’s day by letting them in front of you in line.

Sunday is Selfish Sunday. Everything in the above paragraph is necessary and true, however, with the busyness of life sometimes people forget to take care of themselves. Allow yourself once a week to indulge in selfishness. If you want to take time out and watch a movie, do it. If you want to relax and get your nails done, do it. If you want to cancel your plans and just rest, do it. Basically Sunday is your day of rest to do whatever you would like. Remember to always keep this a positive and productive day. If you have children and you want to be selfish and enjoy a drink, be responsible.

The purpose of this challenge is to remind ourselves to be happy, take care of our bodies and love one another. If you’d like to be part of the talent remember to hashtag all of your post.


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