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Your Creed

Every week the prayer known as the creed is spoken in church services throughout the world and it proclaims the basic beliefs of the faithful in a concise way. Derived from the apostle's creed it begins: “I believe in God the Father Almighty and in Jesus Christ his only son our Lord.” and it is probably second in recognition to the Lord's prayer. The words have been researched, revised, packaged and prescribed and it is made to fall neatly within its niche in the form of the service. It leads one to ask if the prayer has become so familiar that the words no longer hold any meaning for the person who is saying them. Do you believe that it is God whom you are speaking with? Is this just the “right” prayer for the “right” time during the service? Do you think that this is what God “wants” to hear? If you truly believe you are speaking with the sovereign king of the universe, who is interested in YOU, then it is time at the very least to meditate upon the words and think on the meaning they hold in your lives.

The journey of faith begins with belief, but it cannot end there because belief alone is not enough. Even the demons and the evil one believe in God and know who Yeshua is. That's pretty hard to think about because we like to compartmentalize good and evil as mutually exclusive, we like to cloak ourselves in our beliefs and think that we can see everything the enemy is up to, yet we are somehow invisible to him. Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, if we are living the way that we are supposed to, in the Way Paul wrote about in his epistles, then we are high on Satan's radar, all the more a target for temptation. The bible recounts account after account of great men and women whose belief made them pivotal in God's salvation plan for us. In every instance temptation of one form or another proved too great and each went down to dusty death. In each instance however, God's plan was advanced a little more until the way was made straight for his only begotten Son. Jesus himself was tempted as all the others before him because Satan knew if he could corrupt the bloodline, God's perfect sacrifice would be tainted and therefore unacceptable. Jesus not only believed in his Father, he loved him with all his heart, soul and strength. He refused to bow to Satan no matter what the cost.

You might come down with a bad case of bronchitis or pneumonia and the doctor might come into the room and place a bottle of antibiotics in front of you, say it will make you well and you might reply “I believe it.” That doctor might tell you that without the medicine you will continue to get worse and you might say “I believe you.” Prudence and medical science show us that unless you actually take the medicine, all your utterances of belief will do no good at all. So, if you truly believe in God and in his only Son our Lord Jesus Christ, take him into your heart, soul, your very being. Make time to talk with your heavenly Father and take in his word. Then you will be able to live your belief and truly be a changed creature.

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