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Your closet, here comes Halloween


The weather has turned cold and that means more time indoors with the heaters turned up. Maybe you haven't had time to work out the Halloween costume idea yet. It was nice weather for a short bit, so who wouldn't want to get outside of the house. So here are some last minute ideas, that you can possibly find in your closet. Hey, less money out on the costume, more money for the fun stuff. So open those closet doors, pour a hot cup of cocoa or coffee and get started.

Here are some costume ideas that you can put together with some items you may have on hand and if you don't, maybe you have a friend that can lend it to you.


A lot of people own a Hawaiian shirt. Grab some Bermuda shorts, a  sun visor, a camera for your neck and pair of sandals for your feet (socks optional). For a chuckle, stuff the butt of your pants for that extra-dorky look. Then while sitting in front of the fire, make some brochures and tickets to stuff in your pockets. Or if you are brave enough to fight the cold, stop by a travel agency and pick up some.


Wear your funkiest colors. Girls: Try layering two or three skirts on top of each other, grab a peasant blouse and lots of jewelry (what girl doesn't like a little glam). Guys: wear some loose pants that you can tuck into some boots, unbutton that shirt  to reveal several gold necklaces (add a vest if you have one). Wear a scarf around your head and another around your waist, and put those boots on your feet (or just go barefoot if you are brave enough this time of year).


Start with a bandanna around your head. Boots are very helpful, but you can make boot tops if you don't have any by wrapping some dark fabric around your lower leg flapped over at the top. Women--wear a skirt with a ragged bottom. Men, tuck some loose pants into your boots or cut the hem into a ragged edge. Wear a loose shirt unbuttoned at the top and add a vest (which you can make by cutting up an old shirt). Wrap a piece of fabric around your waist for a belt.


In Colorado Springs, everyone owns jeans. This is a good time of year to pull them out of the closet and grab a western or plaid shirt and pair of boots. To compliment the look, get your hands on a cowboy hat. You can add some accessories like a gun belt, lasso, bandanna around your neck, chaps or a vest, which can help compliment the look as well.


This is so easy. Just wear your clothes a size too small. Button your shirt all the way up to the collar,  pull your pants up too high, and pull them over white socks and Grandpa shoes. Add a pocket protector, fake zits and gel in your hair ( which can make it look extra-geeky).

There are so many more ideas and they can be found right inside your home. If you still haven't found that perfect costume and want to some more ideas, try out Costume Idea Zone. Happy Trick or Treating!!


  • Ana 5 years ago

    LOL, great ideas....funny too!

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    Great ideas! I'm going to share this with all my pals on Facebook!

  • Phyllis 5 years ago

    What cool and cost-effective ideas! For my daughter's first Halloween trick-or-treating, she was a pink bunny wearing a pink blanket sleeper with a powder-puff bunny tail and leggies on her head. Cute as could be.