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Your Clients and Christmas - Handling the Holidays

Gift Card
Gift Card
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Christmas is the time of year when people gather together and give gifts. It’s the season for giving. How do you give to your clients during this time of year? There are a number of ways you can do this so you can show your clients how much you care.

1. Online cards

There are a number of ways to send cards online. Do a Google search to see what comes up with. A lot of these companies will allow you to enter mailing addresses for your clients, pick out a card, and add funds to an account to cover the cost of the card and postage. This is a great way to handle the cards without spending all the time it takes to hand write them out.

2. Traditional cards

Some people prefer the method of traditional cards because everything is hand written. Your clients may think this is wonderful because it means you took the time to write these out yourself. It also means you care enough to take the time.

3. Gifts

Gifts can be wonderful for your clients and they will appreciate it more than you know. Gifts can be sample products, full sized products, discounts for your services, or a free service. You can either ship products to your clients, you can have them drop shipped from the company you purchase them from, or you can give them gift certificates if you choose the discount or free service.

4. Gift cards

Gift cards make the perfect gift because it allows people to spend it on what they need or want. The only problem you may have with this option is finding stores that are in every location where your clients are at. You can do one of two things with this option. You can search each city where your clients are to see what they have or you can gift them gift cards that can be used online.

5. Email

If you are really short on funds and just can’t make it happen with the ideas above, an email will do just fine. Create a nice email and use a Christmas picture or two in your email and your clients will be just as happy. Make sure to send it out a week or so before Christmas so your clients will receive them before Christmas Day.

These suggestions will also work for clients. If you offer products, giving samples of your own products will work out perfectly. Make sure you include a small tag with your name and contact information so they will remember that you are the one they should contact when they want to order more.

Some people think they don’t need to combine their business and the holiday’s. While it’s not something you must do, but it’s possible that your business would increase if you did do something. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this to show your clients how much you care. Spending a little money on cards will work just fine.

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