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Your cat’s attitude

If you believe that your cat is ignoring you, you are most likely right on the money! Laura Moss, contributing writer for Mother Nature Network submitted an article in early December, 2013, stipulating that a study revealed what we have all suspected all along, that the cat does hear your, recognizes you by your voice, yet chooses to not respond to your call anyway.

My Tiger does his own thing.
Melissa L. Stoneburner

The research was conducted at the University of Tokyo where scientists there observed 20 domesticated felines in their home setting for a period of eight months. They monitored how the cats recognized and responded to different voices calling out the cat’s name; consisting of cat family members as well as complete strangers.

What was discovered was that these fickle creatures know exactly what they are doing! Fifty to seventy percent of them turned their head at the sound of the call; thirty percent twitched their ear – displaying that they heard sound. However, only ten percent of the cats responded to being called. They either meowed or moved their tails.

The whole theory ties in with a couple of previous articles; one about the book Cat Sense by John Bradshaw and the other about a topic featured in Modern Cat Magazine about how cats differ from dogs. One of the ways pointed out is that dogs are pack animals where cats are solitary hunters.

This truly meshes with the results of this research showed that a cat’s unresponsive behavior could be rooted in the animal’s evolution – or lack thereof if you will! It even goes on to recognize that cats “domesticated themselves” as opposed to a human domesticating the cat. Doesn’t it sound like the fact that we need cats, they don’t particularly need us?

The study did show that cats have a “more intense” response to their owner’s voice as compared to a complete stranger’s voice. This just goes to prove that as domesticated or undomesticated as a cat may be, they do have a special bond with the people that they love.

Cats were never really taught to obey a human command like a dog has been taught, so they just choose to ignore what they do not want to see, hear, do, or whatever does not trip their trigger. As Modern Cat also pointed out, cat owners’ attitudes mirror their cat’s ambivalent behavior – so should we really be surprised to find out further that we were right all along – that the cat is ignoring us?

Why do people still love their cats even when it has been proven that the cat only remains loyal to itself? Perhaps it is like looking in the mirror!

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