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Your cat can be more loving

I love you from a distance
I love you from a distance
Karla Kirby

Many cat owners have only one complaint about their cat. Kitty is simply not affectionate enough. Some cats are rebellious when it comes to being cuddled, picked up or even petted, let alone actually sitting on his/her owner’s lumpy, old lap.

Keep in mind, this beautiful creature may never convert to an aficionado, but you can get kitty to become at least a little tolerant of your affection.

The opening stage agenda to charming a cat into being more lovable is to let him/her distinguish your positive intentions by regularly offering him/her good quality food, clean, fresh, water, fun, entertaining toys to play with and a great litter box that is cleaned on a regular basis. When kitty is happier, kitty will be more prone to act out his/her contented feelings to his/her provider-you!

Spend extra time with your cat, proving to him/her that you are a buddy, not merely an owner... Give him/her a few hugs and strokes after a play session, but don’t force it. A little catnip might help the situation out. Another good thing to do is to speak to him/her very gently and positively.

If you have a brand, new baby kitten begin things by gently handling them and playing with them as much as possible. With lots of affection and love shown, while they are young and developing, they will be more apt to be social as they grown into adult cats.

Getting a cat to be more affectionate can be attained over time, be patient, take it slow and pay attention to the signals kitty sends out.

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