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Your but's in the way

Imagine having everything you ever wanted. The most magical relationship. The perfect body. The perfect career. Everything. Perfect.

What if I told you that you could have all of this and more? No, seriously. You can have everything your heart desires and more.

Oh for heaven’s sake!

You already said it.

You ruined it.

I was going to show you how to have everything you wanted, but that mental chatter of yours blocked me. I heard that loud obnoxious “voice of reason” say the one word I truly hate to hear when it comes to getting what you want.


I say “You can have the perfect relationship” and you say “But…how??” or “But…I don’t wanna have to…”

But, but, but.

Honey, it’s in the way of everything you want.

But used to be in my way all the time. It kept me from starting a business, it kept me from getting in shape, it kept me from finding love, and it kept me from having fun.

My but allowed me to lead a mediocre life.

But mediocre just doesn’t cut it for me. Mediocre is settling and not living. Mediocre made me sit on the sidelines when I wanted to be in the game. Mediocre gave me a false sense of security because it was safe. Mediocre made my life just bearable enough so that I wouldn’t take myself out from boredom.

Mediocre, is not living. Mediocre is death. If I wanted to live a vivacious life, if I wanted to have a relationship that was full of unconditional love and passion, if I wanted a career that made me want to leap out of bed every morning, I would have to do one thing and one thing only:

Get off my frickin’ but!

In other words, I had to get off my excuses. I had a million reasons why I couldn’t have something. What I didn’t realize was that all it takes to counterattack this but syndrome is to find a solution.

In my Men, Money, & Power seminar, I showed women how to go from sitting on their but to taking action. The key to taking action is to stop focusing on why you can’t have something and to focus on some reasons why you can have it.

If you know or have seen someone else in an awesome relationship, then guess what, you can get that too.

If you know or have seen someone get the career they’ve always wanted, then guess what, you can too.

The Universe is not limited. The fact that you say someone else having the very thing that you want should be a reason to shout, scream, and do a celebratory booty dance.

Why on Earth should you be happy that someone else has what you want???

Because they are a living breathing example of what is possible. They are God’s way of showing you that if he can do it for them, he can (and will) do it for you. He’s not stingy. He doesn’t lack the necessary resources to get you what you want. He hasn’t run out of time.

He’s just simply waiting on you. Waiting on you to believe that you are worthy of all the goodness in the world. He’s waiting on you to take the first step to show that you’re frickin’ serious. He’s waiting on you to take action to prove that you’re ready for everything you say you want.

He’s waiting on you.

But, first, you gotta get off your but. How do you do that? It’s simple really. For everything that you want, simply answer this question:

How can I get this?

Find some ways that you can get it. When the voice in your head starts listing some buts or other excuses as to why you can’t have it, say “Thank you for sharing. Ok…the next way I can get this is…”

Then…take action. Try one of solutions out and see what happens. Get your but outta the way and make your dreams happen.

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    LaShaydda Banks 4 years ago

    Wow. Hmm...perhaps we're reading two different articles.


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