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Your body is amazing!

When you break it down and look at what your body does for you...What it does to get you to the places you need to and/or want to go, to do the things you need to and/or want to do, to enable you to move even when you are “fat sick and nearly dead”! Your body works through all kinds of obstacles to keep your spirit in alignment with your purpose. So many of you want to do better but you simply don't know where or how to start.

Understanding what this body does for you on a daily basis can finally put things into proper perspective. Once you understand how the body maneuvers through all kinds of obstacles to get you up and moving first thing in the morning or to how it is capable of relaxing your brain long enough for you to go to sleep. Then it goes about attempting to fix what you have done to it through-out the day.

Your body performs for you through the rough terrain of chemical and processed food combinations that sit in your stomach, while your liver and kidneys do what they can to get rid of it as quickly as it can!

Your body is not only amazing it is miraculous! No other machine could perform the way your body does given the kind of fuel most Americans put in it! It’s like putting regular gas in a Rolls Royce!

Your body may run slower or without optimal precision but it does the best with what it’s given. Just imagine what it would do and could do for you if you were to provide it with proper nourishment.

Your body is the only thing on earth that you own outright, however, it is a gift leased to you by GOD. How you treat it your gift to GOD! You can treat any way you want, but be reminded you get what you give!

Take some time today to give thanks for what your body does for even and maybe just maybe you will return the favor!

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