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Your baby and you: Transition from baby to toddler

You know it's coming, that moment your baby wont be a baby any more. He/she starts walking, babbling more, becoming more independent. It is very enjoyable to watch your child grow up, however it is a bittersweet feeling. You want your baby to remain just that. A cuddly sweet baby who wants their mommy all the time. Unfortunately, that can't last forever.

The good news is that it is also very rewarding to watch your child get older. You get to see them become a little person. They will start walking and from there it seems like everything just starts speeding up. Your little one will start becoming independent. This is so fun to watch, but again its a bittersweet feeling. You want to be there to help your child figure everything out, but it's best to let them do it themselves.

Your child will begin to eat more foods, walk like a pro ( well they will at least try ), playing with toys more, and they will wan to to do everything for themselves.

So when is your child considered a toddler? That's up to you! Some people say as soon as they turn one or start walking they are toddlers. Others don't think a baby is considered toddler until they turn 2. Either way, your little one is growing up fast. Enjoy these moments and milestones in his life!

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