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Your baby and you: Sick baby

We all dread the day when our baby gets their first sickness. Weather it's a cold, ear infection or even the flu. Nobody wants to see their child in pain. Especially when your child is younger and can't speak to let you know what's wrong or what hurts.

Every child gets sick at one point or another. As much as we don't like it it is important for them to get sick so they can build up their immune system. Every time your child gets sick it makes their immune system a little bit stronger. Most of the time your child wont need to see a doctor for being ill. As long as they don't have a high grade fever, there able to eat still and are coherent you should be able to bypass seeing a doctor.

With that being said, there are some things you can do as the parent to help keep your baby as comfortable as possible while they ride out their illness. If they do have a fever, you can give them baby Tylenol. Make sure you give them the correct dose for their weight. If your not sure how much to give, call the doctors office to ask them the right amount of medicine to give your little one.

If your child is breastfeeding, make sure to feed them as often as they want. Not only does the breast milk have many good vitamins to help their immune system but it will also keep them hydrated. If they are bottle feeding, keep feeding them like normal so they stay hydrated. If your child is old enough for a sippy cup and some juice, give them that in between feedings.

Keep your child dressed warmly but not too warm. Dress them like you normally would but cuddle them in a blanket. You don't want to overheat your child but you also don't want them getting cold.

The only good part about your child being sick is lots of cuddles. Your child will want to be held and cuddled while they are feeling ill. Give them as much love and attention as you can during this time.

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