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Your baby and you: Feeding baby

Once your baby is 4-6 months old you can begin to introduce rice cereal and baby foods. This is an excited time in a baby and parents life. It's exciting to be able to start feeding your child new foods and see how they react to vegetables and fruits.

Some Parents start their child on baby food as early as 4 months and some like to wait till 6 months. This depends on you and your baby and what you are comfortable with. Once you do start your child on baby foods you will want to start with rice cereal first to help them get used to the texture. Stores have different flavors of rice cereals. From plain ole' rice cereal to ones that are apple flavored or strawberry flavored.

After a week or 2 of rice cereal you can start introducing jars of baby food. It is recommended that you introduce a new food every 3-7 days to make sure your baby doesn't have any allergies to the food. If your child seems to have an upset stomach from a food or throws up and has diarrhea, wait a few months and try the food again. It could be that your babies stomach just can't handle that food right now.

I would recommend starting with vegetable baby food first and then move onto the fruit ones. That way your baby doesn't get used to the sweetness of the fruits and won't be interested in the vegetables. Every baby is different, feed them the foods you see as fit.

Remember to never give your baby milk, honey or peanut butter in their first year of life. Enjoy this new experience with your baby! Soon they will be eating the same foods as you!

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