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Your baby and you: Feeding baby finger foods

Once your baby starts getting teeth and they get the hang of eating baby food you can start introducing finger foods and snacks to them. It's best to start with softer foods or foods that will dissolve in their mouth.

'Gerber' sells snacks specifically for crawling babies to help them learn to chew correctly. They have puffs and yogurt melts. These will dissolve in their mouth so if your child is still getting the hang of chewing these are perfect starter foods. Give them a few a day so they can keep practicing using those chompers of theirs!

Once your comfortable with how your child is eating you can introduce more foods. Lunch meats, noodles, and mashed potatoes are great for little babies. Make sure you break up the lunch meat into smaller pieces.Depending on the type of noodle you can either give it to them whole or cut them up into smaller pieces as well.

This is an exciting time in baby and mommy's life as you get to watch them grow even quicker than they already are. Enjoy experimenting with foods because within the next year your child will be eating anything and everything they can get there little hands on.

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