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Your baby and you: Bath Time Essentials

Rubber ducky your the one... bath time can be a fun time for your little one to wind down the end of a day. The water's nice and warm, they get to splash around, who wouldn't have fun? There are some things to make bath time enjoyable for you and baby such as, toys, body washes and cute fluffy towels.

Bath Toys

From rubber duckies to toys that squirt water there is a wide range of bath toys for your baby to use while having a blast splashing around in the tub. The older your child gets the more they will use their imagination with the toys you provide them in the bath. Their rubber duckies will talk to the shark and whale, They will squirt water out of some toys onto the side of the tub or at the other toys.

Body wash/shampoo

Most baby and toddler body washes are 2 in 1, they include the body wash and shampoo. You don't want to use regular shampoo or body wash on your baby until they get older. A babies skin is sensitive when they are young, there are specific types of body wash made for babies that help keep their skin hydrated without stripping away the natural oils they produce.


Hooded baby towels make your little one look oh so cuddly and warm. Some are basic towels with minimal design on them while others are made to look like ducks or fish. These can be fun for both the child and parent. Seeing your child all bundled up after a bath looking like a duck can be very cute!


Lotion up that baby after bath! Give them a nice massage with the lotion to help relax him/her before bed time.

Bath's are a great way to help your child get ready for bed. Add it into your night time routine so your child knows that once they get a bath it is almost bed time. They will drift off into a peaceful sleep after being warm in the tub and being squeaky clean!

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