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Your asphalt driveway? Replace? Seal coat? Or just repair? How to really tell?

Find out how to assess whether your asphalt driveway should be replaced, seal coated, or just needs basic repairs.
Find out how to assess whether your asphalt driveway should be replaced, seal coated, or just needs basic repairs.
Consumer Advantage

After just surviving one of the harshest and longest Minnesota winters in a long time, many people will wonder about the damage done to their driveways. Assessing the winter’s damage to your asphalt will help determine what you really need. Find out how you can tell if you need a new driveway, seal coating, or if basic repairs will do the trick. Find out, also, how not to overspend on driveway work you may not really need. I have tapped into the expertise of a reputable local asphalt company who has shared information you may find helpful as a starting point to help you discover your driveway’s individual needs, what to look for and what solutions may help. The local asphalt specialist cautions you that some asphalt contractors can quote complete replacement for driveways that don’t need it. Please download your free copy of Consumer Advantage to get this complete article, plus you’ll also get additional advice, guidance and other useful information from a host of local contractors and businesses, as well.

As a bonus, besides providing their pearls of wisdom, many of the contractors and businesses in this eBook have provided coupons and savings for you, should you find you have a need for their expertise and / or services. Get your copy today. You will find it to be a valuable, useful resource.

You can gain more knowledge, as well. Inside Consumer Advantage, you will also find information on:

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