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Your apartment may be jacking your love life

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February … the month of amore. But, despite doing all the “right” things, you are yet again sans a valentine. Guess what? It could be your abode! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, surveyed 1,000 US singles and your apartment could actually be a deal breaker in the dating game.

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So, what makes for a deal breaker? Quite a few things in fact, but let’s take a look at a few of the top turnoffs and turn ons.

GU – Geographically Undesirable

Apparently 43% of those surveyed stated that they wouldn’t date someone who lived more than 30 minutes from them. But living next door is even less appealing with 82% of respondents stating they’d never dated someone who lived in their apartment building and of the 18% who had literally dated the guy/girl next door, one in three said they never would again!

Looks Matter

This should be so obvious! 82% of respondents pay close attention to the cleanliness of a date’s apartment with particular attention paid to the bathroom. 45% said that a clean bathroom was their biggest turn on and dirty dishes in the kitchen a big turn off. 67% of renters responded that an “upper scale” apartment would make them more interested in a potential partner. But where you lay your head becomes less important with age. 79% of renters aged 18-24 said a nice apartment would make them more interested in a potential partner compared to 54% of renters aged 48-67.

Flatmate = Flat Mate

Your roommate(s) matter big time! Who you pick to room with speaks volumes to your date with 37% of respondents stating that a rude roommate was a complete deal breaker and 26% would not date someone who had roommates of the opposite sex. 18% of those surveyed wouldn’t date someone who had a roommate at all. If you have to have a roomie, stick with a nice person of the same gender.

Men versus Women

We already know that men and women are (thankfully) different. So what turns on a guy or gal? Women stated that seeing family photos around a guy’s apartment was the biggest turn on, while men like a collection of classic books at their date’s apartment. When things get to sexy time, size matters … surprisingly for the guys … who are much happier in a king size bed. Another surprise from the survey regarding guys is that 57% are actually embarrassed by their untidy bachelor ways!

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