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Your 2014 Fantasy Football season as defined by the NFL Hall of Fame Game

Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Success and failure in fantasy sports is decided well before your draft. Failure is positively assured, based upon your draft performance, if you rely upon dubious research. Taking anything away from the early preseason, especially the Hall of Fame Game, qualifies as dubious.

If you watched the game at all, you have a well-developed football addiction. Nothing to worry about. If you were still watching in the 4th Quarter, worry a little. The following will help you separate the fantasy positives from the ridiculous:

Eli Manning threw a bunch to Rashad Jennings. Don't draft either of these guys early. Eli's mostly pointless HOF Game performance should caution you not to spend a high draft pick on any Giants wide receiver either. The fact that Manning was out there at all is telling. The coaches look like they're going to try to rein in his INT's this year. That's bad news for Victor Cruz fanatics.

EJ Manuel is an even worse investment this year than he was last year. QB-ratings don't mean a ton in the preseason, unless you are fighting for a job. With the wet blankets behind him on the depth chart, Manuel may start for Buffalo. Bad news for Bills receivers and their unwitting owners (see above).

Take Ryan Nassib off your Watch List. That 73-yard touchdown to Corey Washington, whom you should also remove from your list, means as little as Jeff Tuel's 2-yard score in the first half. Check back in three weeks. If any of these three are still in uniform, waste time on them then.

Follow the San Diego Fantasy Football Examiner's indispensable snark all year long, or at least until he bashes your favorite team.

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