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Your 2014 Biography

You can get your homeschool teen to draft their own biography in the Summer. You can take major points of the year and Summer and create a story about their own lives in their own words. This would be a great writing project and media project.You might want to include a video or something they can later see about their own lives. Let them Video Journal their Summer and let them explore. You can get tons of resources at the Wilkes Public Library to guide them on video creation, journaling and other things that can support this project. You teen can document their Summer and then create their own biography of 2014.

They can also highlight other moments of the year like how they began 2014. What have they accomplished and what are their goals. This might make a great resource for them when they develop their Linked In Account in the future. This will help them key in who they are and what major things they have accomplished.

Give them tons of time to wrtite, draft and gather information about their own experiences. You might want to interview others too as you create a biography. They can highlight the best moments they experienced with your teens and you in the Year. These things can serve as pre-writing points for the Biography. Let your teen develop good writing skills, focus on a path of self discovery in 2014 and have fun creating a family video about them.

You can always get ideas and supportive books at the Wilkes Public Library. You can develop into these stages:

1) PreWRite about your 2014 experience

2) Key in to specific events and Video Tape Those Around You Who remember those moments

3) Concentrate on Your Summer - What defines you this Summer

4) What is your main focus this Summer? What defines you in 2014?

5) After asking these questions start developing more about You

You can also read other peoples biographies like Steve Jobs or historical ones like a President. Then explore who you are. How would someone define your life and how do you define yourself.. Then write away and tape way. You can edit it and then share a video biography and a written one with our loved ones in 2014.

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