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Youngster finds wife and killer from his past life – part 2

With the coming of the Internet age and many other forms of new media, the public at large is learning something they might not have even considered before. Today we hear more and more about children with the amazing ability to recount memories of past lives.

Author Thomas Schroder delves into the mystifying ability of children to remember past lives.
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One remarkable story surfaced in a book entitled Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today by therapist Trutz Hardo of Germany focused on a youngster in Turkey, who found not only his wife but also his killer from his previous life. At just 4 years old, the child insisted that they call him Selim Fesli. They had named him Semih Tutusmus. He astounded his parent when he related that could recall many details and the names of folks from that past life.

Fesli had lived in Hatun Köy, a nearby village. In May 1958, he suffered a deadly gunshot wound to the head at the hands of neighbor, Isa Dirbekli and was later found in a field. The neighbor claimed he was hunting and that he shot Fesli by accident.

At that time, a pregnant Karanfil Tutusmus had a dream about a man who appeared to her with a bloody face. He said his name was Selim Fesli. When her baby arrived, he had a right ear that was deformed, which was the same wound that ultimately killed him.

The 4 year old knew where he had lived before as Fesli and went to visit his widow. The youngster told her that he was her husband and went on to relate many personal details about their former life together. He also knew the names of all of his children.

The boy also disputed the fact that Dirbekli had taken his life by accident. Instead he said there had been an argument over his mule, which the man had seen grazing in his field and sought revenge by killing him. Upset by what he remembered so well, the tot often hurled stones at Dirbekli, who was still alive and well. However, the boy was warned that by taking revenge back at the man could entangled them in a violent cycle for many lifetimes to come.

This amazing incident was witnessed by Dr. Ian Stevenson, now deceased, who was conducting research at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine on reincarnation. Dr. Stevenson shared this event with Hardo, who subsequently wrote about it in his book.

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