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Young writers competition organized by Lockwood-Mathews Mansion

Young Writers Competition organized by Lockwood Mathews MansionL
Young Writers Competition organized by Lockwood Mathews MansionL
Lockwood Mathews Mansion

Norwalk's Lockwood Mathews Mansion, a National Historic Landmark announced today that it is launching a new educational program that will encourage students to delve into the history, culture and architecture of this magnificent mansion.

To accomplish this goal, the Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum has teamed up "History Matters" an organization dedicated to historic preservation organized by Steve Berry, a New York Times best selling author and his wife to launch a Young Writer's Competition in Norwalk's area schools. The goal of this program is to encourage creative thinking and writing and to introduce students to the late nineteenth century.

The Lockwood Mathews Mansion has developed a power point presentation that they will show at area schools to spark imagination. Staff of the mansion will dress in period costumes and after the powerpoint they will invite the teachers and students to tour the mansion.

The Lockwood Mathews Mansion has a rich history architecturally and culturally that will provide students with an interesting subject matter to write about. Competition requirements include a mystery story with the Mansion as a backdrop that will take place between 1868 and 1900. For third graders, the story should be 500-800 words and for eighth graders the story should be no longer than 2500 words.

An award ceremony is planned for October 18 at the Museum's annual gala. There is even talk about the award winning stories to be featured as a performance in the future at the Mansion.