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Young Waitress Receives the Tip of a Lifetime - Now Education and Life Is Set

Waitress Abigail Sailors given $6,000 tip after sharing her remarkable story with customers
Photo Credit - Abigail Sailors’ Facebook page

When the New Year came, 18-yer-old Abigail Sailors had no idea that it would bring her one of the biggest surprises of her lifetime. The Cracker Barrel waitress was given the ultimate compliment for her service when a customer tipped her enough money to help pay for her college education, according to the Blaze.

There was something strangely special about the group of customers that she seated at a table in her area. She had no reason to suspect that as the two asked questions about her background and about why she was as warm and giving as their server that it meant more than a nice conversation.

And what a wonderfully moving conversation and tale she had to share. Even through her warmth she conveyed a sense of survival and peace when she spoke of the many foster homes she and her siblings had to endure after tragedy struck early in her life.

The cost of losing parents involvement in their lives to an accident and being subjected to years of abuse in the foster care system had not ruined her optimism and her desire to improve her own life and dreams, suggested the The Blaze.

Perhaps it was that innocence that she displayed that afternoon that moved several of the customers to help the young waitress realize a true New Year with a new beginning.

The beginning that 18-yer-old Abigail had started had to be cut short, with only one semester paid for at Trinity Bible College in North Dakota. Her dream was to study psychology and youth ministry.

Apparently the struggle and the dream of the young server melted the hearts of the customers and one customer wrote a check for $5,000 to be paid to the College for her education. He also wrote a check for $1,000 to cover her needs and even left a $100 tip. Abigail kindly split the tip with another waitress.

She reportedly attempted to thank the very kind gesture, and commented, “I couldn’t believe it. I tried to thank them, and they said, ‘thank God.’” reported the Journal Star.

Thank God indeed for a warm and giving spirit in a young woman whose spirit touched the heart of a customer who shared his hope and faith in a young waitresses dream and future. Yes, “Thank God.”


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