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Young The Giant rocks Soma San Diego

I always find it worth mentioning the amount of people at a show. I’ve been to sold out shows where it was wall to wall packed with people, but never have I seen it so overwhelmingly packed then it was for Irvine band, Young the Giant. From young teenage couples to older adults taking sips from the flask hidden in their coat pocket and everyone in between, the band drew an incredibly diverse group of people.

Young The Giant live at Soma San Diego-slide0
Photo: Lauren Wilson

Made up of Sameer Gadhia, Jacob Tilley, Eric Cannata, Payam Doostzadeh, and Francois Comtois, Young the Giant have been gaining a lot of recognition in the past few years. Formerly known as The Jakes, shortly before changing their name they signed to Roadrunner Records and released their self titled first album. Earlier this year, Young the Giant released their second album, Mind Over Matter. Not falling victim to the curse of the sophomore slump, gaining mostly positive review and peaking at number 2 on the US Billboard 200.

Minutes before the boys hit the stage, there was an overwhelming amount of anticipation for many in the crowd. Cheers, chants, and screams of excitement were all I heard from those closest to the stage. As the band finally hit the stage, an overwhelming amount of applause shook the venue. With bright lights piercing through the darkness, the band jumped straight into “Slow Dive” and “Anagram” the opening tracks of their newest album.

There were many definable moments throughout the set. One of which was a moment that came about halfway through the set when the band slipped into their big single, “Cough Syrup.” As the opening riff began, a seemingly majority of the people brought out their phones to capture a bit of the moment. Shortly after, the energy came to a standstill as the played “Firelight,” allowing a nice breather for the audience while also getting them ready for the next round of full on rock and roll. As they began their final song, “My Body,” the energy had reached its peak as the crowd jumped up and down, nearly shaking down the venue. The amount of passion from the band was mirrored by everyone who had come to see them. Certainly, a night to remember for a long time coming.

Young the Giant perform with the utmost professionalism and charisma that is necessary for a solid show. While the lights were plentiful, they didn’t overshadow the performance of the band. Gadhia makes one of the best frontmen I’ve seen in a long while. His energy is unwavering. His voice, undeniably incredible. Even Morrissey has described his tone as unbreakable. With an impressive 19 song set, there was little time for banter, which I usually mind. However, the show raised the bar for other artists for 2014 and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

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