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Young singer-songwriter Casey Cattie follows her dream!

Young singer-songwriter Casey Cattie follows her dream!
Young singer-songwriter Casey Cattie follows her dream!
Donald B. Kravitz

“I was heading home from school, Temple University where Casey Cattie was a first year Nursing student when it seemed like I was having a breakdown,” said 19 year old Cattie.

Young singer-songwriter Casey Cattie follows her dream!
Donald B. Kravitz

It all began for Casey when she was fairly young. She had been spending summers in Ocean City, NJ since she was born. “My mom entered me in “The Little Miss Ocean City Pageant” when I was nine years old. The pageant had a Talent portion, but I had no talent,” said Cattie with a giggle. “So we made the decision that I would sing a song.” Laughing, Cattie recounts, “Walking out on stage and singing “Zippity Do Dah” and sounding really bad and I didn‘t win.”

Taking part in the pageant and singing in front of an audience seemed to awaken something in Casey. “I bought my first guitar when I was thirteen. After holding it for a while the guitar felt natural in my hands when I would sing and write down my thoughts in song.”

Cattie developed her talent and began to play small venues around Philadelphia. “I was fortunate enough to win the New York Songwriters Competition at age fifteen.” Not one to rest on her laurels, at seventeen she won another Songwriting Competition in Philadelphia.

While honing her skills, in 2008 Cattie started singing her songs and putting videos on you tube and a few other sites. “All of a sudden, I had more than 14,000 subscribers and some of my videos had more than 200,000 views . . . it was amazing, I could not believe it.”

In 2013, Cattie was selected in the Top 120 contestants for the Voice (Season 4). “I spent forty days in Los Angeles rehearsing and when it came my time they informed me that they had already filled the forty-eight audition spots. What a let down, why make me spend forty days rehearsing?” asked Cattie who was still undaunted about reaching her dream.

Getting back to what has now become a life changing breakdown, “I was in school and feeling down as I had not sung in about 3 months. I was so busy with my nursing classes and studying it was really beginning to affect me.” While driving home from school Cattie recounted, “I pulled over to the side of the street, blasted the radio and started to sing as loud as I could. As I was singing I began to cry and as I sat there crying I realized what I need to do, I had to follow my dream.”

Heading home and telling her family that she wanted….no needed to move to Nashville. “At first my parents said no way, get your education first so you have something to fall back on.” As time passed, “My parents finally realized how important this was for me and they are now my biggest supporters,” said Casey.

The decision has been made. “I am moving to Nashville and I am going to follow my dream for a year. Hopefully it will be for a lifetime, but time will tell.”

Casey Cattie’s schedule still includes schooling as she is transferring to Belmont University in the Nashville area where she has been accepted into the Songwriting Program

“I am going to Nashville for two reasons. I want to showcase my singing and songwriting talents and I want to learn all that I can about the business,” Cattie said.

Not an easy accomplishment for veteran music people, let alone a rookie. “I have filled in my calendar with every open mike date I can make. I have a full schedule, between classes, open mike auditions I am also planning to visit and knock on every record label door,” added Cattie.

Casey Cattie is going to Nashville to follow her dream, to do what she feels she needs to do. She has the talent, drive and the tenacity to impress the country music world….. Casey Cattie is on her way.