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Young puppy discovered with horribly fractured legs

Noah's Arks Rescue

An undeniably adorable, five-week-old Labrador retriever mix puppy is recovering from horrific breaks to two of her tiny legs.

The pup, dubbed "Simba," by Noah's Arks Rescue, was saved from an animal control agency in Lancaster, S.C., where she had been surrendered. A transport volunteer learned that little Simba was at the facility, in a back room, hidden from the exposure she would need in order to be rescued and helped.

Fortunately, Noah's Arks Rescue was able to take this precious puppy in and get her to specialists who hope to enable her to be able to walk again.

The rescue agency stated:

After consulting with our Orthopedic Surgeon he informed us that these were terrible breaks in the worst possible places. It was going to be a long shot and she was going to have to have lots of surgeries because of her age.

Given Simba's otherwise good health, the rescue agency decided to proceed with surgery - hopeful that success would follow.

The rescue agency stated:

Simba's surgery was very long and required several Specialists working on her at the same time. We didn't have any complications but we are in the early stage of her recovery. Her Journey to walk again has just begun and is going to be a long one.

Because of her rescuers, Simba now has a shot at a normal life. It is a mystery as to how she was so grievously wounded...the way that her legs are broken suggests that it may likely be the result of intentional abuse.

The past is now, thankfully, the past and Simba's future is bright. Please click here to find Noah's Arks Rescue and see how you can help them continue with their life-saving work.

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