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Young Pitt mix hoping to be saved from euthanasia

A post on The Lexus Project facebook site recently included an appeal for a young two-year-old Pitt mix named Angus. According to the story, Angus was sent to a shelter as a stray and had an interested adopter until a recent incident put him on the euthanasia list.

Angus has an adopter ready to take him home but the shelter wants to put him to sleep.
The Lexus Project

Angus was playing with an Animal Control Officer who threw a leash in the air. Rather than catch the leash with his mouth, Angus grabbed her wrist instead. Now, the dog is in isolation in the shelter awaiting execution. A fundraiser was created to help prevent Angus from being euthanized.

The person interested in adopting Angus still wants to bring him home. However, the dog is scheduled to be put to sleep on January 21, 2013. Details as to the shelter location holding Angus was not mentioned on the thread but a person claiming to be a volunteer there posted this comment:

I am a volunteer at this shelter and want to convey a few things in this matter. 1. We want to save Angus. He is a special boy to anyone who has spent a minute to get to know him. Angus came into the shelter several months back as a stray.

Angus was evaluated and sent over to be put up for adoption. One volunteer there saw how special Angus was and began working with him.

Angus has a very sweet nature, but we recognized from day one that he has a a fixation with having to have something in his mouth. Through guidance of certain employees at the shelter and pure determination, this volunteer took it as his job to help guide Angus into a well mannered dog. Daily walks were given from day one ....Angus always walks with a tennis ball in his mouth. Daily yard time was given by a group of volunteers trying to help guide Angus.

Each yard time consisted of constantly working to guide Angus's fixation on having something in his mouth. We worked with treats and toys to focus on a reward for paying attention. Within a week, he went from jumping at anyone or anything to just get that toy back in his mouth, to sitting and making eye contact and waiting for his toy. Each day Angus had better results with patience and not being obsessed with his toys, though when he did get them, it was his and nothing was going to change that. He was progressing at a great rate until 3 weeks ago. One morning I came in to Angus not being able to walk. He was quickly rushed to the vet where he was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

When he returned from the vet we got to sit with him for the day. He was then moved to quarantine to let the medication take effect and let him rest. Within two days we heard he was back to himself again. A volunteer asked to continue his exercise and training to keep himself from regressing back to the first day we met him. Unfortunately it was said that He would stay quarantined until his vet gave the approval. Due to this, Angus was left in his Kennel. Weeks and weeks have gone by and he sits in his kennel. Rescue was found for him,but this incident came before rescue could take him. Yes an ACO took him out, and through no fault of hers was bit. Not because Angus is a vicious dog,not because this ACO didn't know what she was doing, but because he was in the beginning stages of training and then was cut short by an illness and being locked up with no place to release his pent up energy. Though I did not witness the bite, I was informed that he was in the yard with her and he went after a toy she held or was reaching for, resulting in her hand/ arm being bit.

I and many other volunteers do not want to see this shelter get a bad rap for this situation. The employees have policies and procedures they have to follow .Though this is a bad situation and we want nothing more than to save Angus, we have to remember to that he isn't the only dog or cat who is homeless and needs to be adopted . This shelter, though I don't agree with certain policies, I see the good that is done in this facility. They take in the strays,abused,neglected and the unwanted animals of the county. Through employees and volunteers, we rally to try to find homes for the homeless. I have been very fortunate to meet some amazing people within this shelter and am glad that they are there, because without them, there would be more homeless and neglected animals out there. We can't save them all, but we can give it the best we can. I fostered one dog who needed the same guidance Angus needs and became a foster failure because I couldn't part with my sweet pitty and adopted her.

Through policies within the shelter is where Angus finds himself in this situation. This is not the fault of the ACO who he bit,nor is it his fault. It saddens me to see so many posts about negativity towards the shelter or towards her. She is a great ACO and cares deeply for the animals and it was not HER say or choice that has given Angus the death sentence, that comes from another source.

By bashing the shelter and those who work there, it only hurts the hundreds of homeless animals in that shelter. If people are upset, don't bash the shelter. Don't give it a bad rap, because those animals housed in there need a home. If people boycott or bad mouth the shelter than they don't stand a chance. Policies and how it's run needs to be addressed. Help save the lives of Angus and his homeless family of hundreds. Adopt, foster, volunteer and fight! Thank you.

One of the first replies from The Lexus Project was asking why the shelter still wants to euthanize Angus when there is an interested adopter who wants to take him home.

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