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Young people struggle with student loan debt and health insurance

Being young has never been easy. Often young people shoulder the nation's wars and most young people struggle to get through school and on entry level jobs.

But due to some changes in recent years, young people are being hit by some financial bombs. The first is student loan debt. A college graduate today will likely owe around $30,000 on graduation day and may struggle to pay that money back. Most entry level jobs don't pay much but the college graduate still must pay that money back and cannot discharge a student loan in bankruptcy court.

The second problem is Obamacare. Because of new health regulations, young people are expected to pay more for healthcare than ever before to pay for the increased costs of caring for older people. And many employers will only hire people on a parttime basis, fewer than 29 hours a week because they don't want to pay health insurance costs. And so young people may have to work two or three jobs to pay back student loans and to pay their basic expenses.

Another problem is that it is simply hard to get a start in life. Too many people come out college unprepared for any kind of job. There are few apprenticeship programs in the United States and so young people have to learn on their own.

"I wish there were more opportunities for me and people like me but I guess that is the way it is today," said Brianna Gonzalez.

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