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Young mouse blood research could lead to treatments for Alzheimer's

Young mouse blood studies show age reversal with older mice
Young mouse blood studies show age reversal with older mice
Harry20/Wikimedia Commons

Young mouse blood might be reversing the signs of aging. New research was released on Sunday that suggests that the blood from younger mice had an impact on older mice. The study conducted showed that the younger blood helped rejuvenate the bodies of the older mice. On May 4, The New York Times reported on these new findings.

What does this new research mean? The findings and continued research might mean that treatments for Alzheimer's and heart disease might be found. These problems plague older adults, and it is research like this that brings scientists one step closer to a cure.

One new study by Thomas A. Rando was conducted at Stanford, and it revived past studies that looked at the blood of younger mice as well. The very first studies in this area actually had a theory about the blood of young people and its impact on older adults. A second study looked at the impact of young blood on the brain.

This almost sounds like Dracula or some other horror novel come to life. "American Horror Story Coven" actually had a plot line this season where one of the witches used the blood of an infant to reverse the signs of aging to her skin.

What do you think of these new studies? Could scientists be able to turn back time for humans at some point if these studies continue to show these results?