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Young MLB fan's smooth move: Boy knows how to get a pretty girl

A young MLB fan's smooth move at a Texas Rangers game has caused quite a commotion on the Internet this weekend. Austin Chaney made the Internet buzz with video of a smooth move he made during the MLB game against the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend. SportsDayDFW reported on the video and moment that has managed to go viral this weekend on May 18.

Austin Chaney was at the Texas Rangers baseball game with his dad and friends this weekend, and he was lucky enough to receive a ball from the field from Luis Rivera. It is what the 10-year-old boy did after he caught that ball that is causing the video to go viral. Moments after he caught the ball tossed to him by Rivera, he turned and handed that ball to a pretty girl sitting in the row behind him. A nice move by this young boy that isn't really even old enough to date yet.

However, people watching the video noticed that he didn't hand the ball that he just caught from Rivera, he handed her another ball he was holding. The boy wasn't trying to be smooth or slick by switching the balls. He had caught a foul ball already during the game, and his father had told him that if he managed to catch another during the game he should give the first ball to someone else.

Austin Chaney said the following about the move when he was interviewed by the local news: "When I caught the second one I just turned around and I looked up and she was the first person I saw." The young woman thanked him for the gesture, and he didn't receive her phone number because of the move. He wasn't looking for them either. She looked to be a bit too old for him.

Chaney is a Texas native, but he revealed that he is not a true fan of the Texas Rangers. He is a fan of the Boston Red Sox, according to CBS Dallas. The site also reported that he is not just a fan of the sport, but he is also a player. He placed second in a baseball tournament in Austin on Sunday.

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