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Young McIlroy lend thoughts of Fujikawa

Hawaii pro Tadd Fujikawa
Hawaii pro Tadd Fujikawa
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What did you think about when you heard of Rory McIlroy’s dominance in the US Open? What’s up with Tadd Fujikawa? If McIlroy can do this at 22, couldn’t our own Moanalua High School graduate do the same? Sure he could. But then we must also look at Dean Wilson and Parker McLoughlin. They represent how golf, at its highest level, is a grind. Like all professional sports, only the few reach the peak of the mountain.

At last check, Fujikawa was on the eGolf Professional Tour this summer with additional stops on the Nationwide Tour. Not sure how often he comes back to the islands but he is going through what many pros go through at some point in their game – swing changes. He has made some money and might get a few sponsor’s exemptions here and there. But the thing that I compare golf to is professional baseball. Unless you are gifted (like Tiger Woods), the road to the PGA Tour is a long one. Particularly with coaches and advisors tinkering and tweeking your swing, putts, clothes you wear, and clubs you use. You need to prove yourself, earn your way through all these minor golf tours, get your PGA Tour card, maintain that standard, then maybe, just maybe, if you are lucky, you might win a few tournaments.

We are seeing a lot of young under 30 golfers making a name for themselves. Yes, the Rory McIlroys of the world are an exception really. But once Fujikawa is done with his tinkering and tweeking, then gets some consistency, don’t you think we could see his name on the leaderboard. He’s not old enough to drink a beer yet (age 20) which makes him right on track to make his move now.