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Young man discovers hidden talent, Secures scholarship

Young Man Becomes Master Sculptor After Taking Ceramics Class
Young Man Becomes Master Sculptor After Taking Ceramics Class

Austen Brantley had no idea that he had an amazing talent until he took a ceramics class at Berkley High School, according to WDIV news April 22.

Taking college prep classes can be very challenging, so Austen decided to make his load lighter by enrolling in an “easy” ceramics class at his high school.

But little did he know that he had the ability to sculpt. In fact, Austen became so good at sculpting, that he won a contest for the high school.

Taking things a step further, Brantley, 18, was offered a scholarship to attend Oakland Community College, of which he accepted. His initial goal was to attend the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Brantley’s parents are elated at the level of sculpting their son has attained. His intricate sculptings have earned him the title of Master Sculptor.

Imagine waking up one day to discover that you are living your dream doing something that you love everyday that comes naturally to you.

Austen wants to inspire other young people to find what they love to do in life too!

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