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Young Living therapeutic essential oil workshop by Debby Topliff Feb 8th

Bright Blessings.

On Saturday, February 8th, Debby Topliff will be teaching the uses and benefits of Young Living therapeutic grade oils. This workshop will be held at 730 N Maple Street in Saugatuck from 10:00 am til 2:00 pm. The cost, which includes lunch, is $25.00. This will be an introductory level class.

Those who attend will also receive one of various types of 5ml containers of oil. If there is interest by the attendees, she will also demonstrate the Raindrop Technique of applying oils to the feet and spine to balance the body's systems. The opportunity to sample different oils, as well as be educated about their histories, use, and benefits will be the main focus of the workshop.

Why is she doing this? In her own words

"I want you to share in the blessings of the oils. My family and I have been using Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils for the past nine years. They have changed our lives and we wouldn't want to go a day without their amazing benefits."

Debby has also taken classes from CARE--Center for Aromatic Research and Education and is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She will be providing a meal of vegetarian lasagna and a green salad for the students. If there are special dietary restrictions or needs, she requests to be informed in advance.

She also would like people to know that

"class size is limited in order to have time to address individual questions and concerns."

You can contact her by sending and email to

As with all natural health practices, it is good to learn from those trained in their application. The gift of discernment comes with investigation and education. Learning more about something before you try it is always best, because ultimately, your health is your responsibility.

That is the great thing about being Pagan, Christian, Heathen, or anything else that acknowledges the Spiritual in their daily lives, we have discernment aided by revelation.

So if you have the inclination, take a ride and learn more about this practice so that you can decide if it is right for you.

Blessed Be.

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