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Young liberal wisdom: XI – Conservatism; the heart of the righteous

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There’s just no nice, pc way to say this, mainly because political correctness is liberal anti-wisdom they don’t want questioned; liberal logic is what we used to call female logic. We called it that because females tend to think and act irrationally. Girls may mature socially faster than boys, but when it comes to thinking logically as adults they fall far behind (which helps explain why they mostly vote Democrat against their own interests – but they don’t see it that way).

This is never more obvious than when they do something wrong, and when you tell them they're wrong, rather than admit their mistake, they say you are stupid for believing they are wrong (and gave rise to the joke – if a man speaks in a forest and a woman isn’t around to hear, is he still wrong?) This is how women exercise egoism over stupid men who, when they do something stupid and are told so by a woman, will resort to violence.

Liberal men are like women, they'll keep talking stupid because, like a woman, they will never admit when they're wrong. Despite having voted for Barack Obama twice and seeing the destruction he has done to the nation, they will deny he is doing damage because he says he wants to do good. He, in turn, uses this denial to deceive them further and blame Republicans despite stripping them of all power.

This just goes to prove that strong, intelligent, conservative women like Sarah Palin are more of a man than liberals like Barack Obama. And this is why conservative Republicans have more man sense than any liberal Democrat or moderate Republican. This is why:

  1. It takes a man to admit he is wrong
  2. It takes a moral man to admit when he lies
  3. And it takes a righteous man to take responsibility for his actions
  4. And why Barack Obama can't because he is none of these things

It takes an adult to handle the office of the president and, like Peter Pan, Barack Obama never grew up. All adults may be pirates in Neverland, but that's not true in the real world. Only some adults are pirates. ( If you think that means they have eye patches, peg legs, parrots on their shoulders and say “argh,” then you need to try reading some adult books.)

The real adults are the righteous ones who should be leading this nation. Adults of good moral character and achievement like Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Scott Walker, Newt Gingrich, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and many others, all conservatives who are demonized by the Left. America is dying because Christians have allowed the anti-Christ crowd to take over the narrative of the greatness of America and corrupt its young. It is high time that Christians stop letting the Left decide what they can say and speak up and, if necessary, fight fire with fire!

[Righteousness = Morality + Maturity * Truth / God]

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