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Young liberal wisdom; VIII – The Left needs a permanent underclass of victims

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Over the last century, Democrats have labored to drive a wedge between those who achieve and those who fail in order to win the vote of the masses to give them the power to steal from the rich. They have always relied on ignorant immigrants supporting them in elections with promises of jobs and prosperity in return for their votes. Once in power they initiate programs designed to take from the rich which, rather than make anything better, makes things worse.

Democrats never have to deliver on their promise because all these programs do is take money from the achievers and put it in their own pockets. They initiate programs which they say will give their voters prosperity, but then they blame Republicans for the people’s continued poverty and tell them they need to do more, to take more in order to solve the problem. The problem with this is that the more money they take, the greater the problem becomes, and so long as people can be duped into supporting their ideology of stealing for a living they can keep them in poverty and get their ignorant votes.

Republicans have a tough row to hoe when they are working against the propaganda believed by simpletons. Their philosophy of letting the rich keep their money echoes hollowly in the ears of the poor who have no understanding of how to run a business. None of them understands how money is invested to make business work, how profits are used to make business grow, and how that will create more jobs for more people to make a living. Instead, they are told the wealthy horde their riches, stealing the people’s labor and leaving them destitute and starving.

Liberals will never tell their followers that if they want to be wealthy then they should put forth the effort to work harder. Those who make fortunes in business don’t do so why working 9-5 shoveling dirt five days a week. They spend 60-80 hours a week devoted to their business, climbing the corporate ladder, or making a business successful. Employees who believe they are entitled to as much pay as the boss are generally too lazy to put in the effort to be the boss.

Liberals love losers because they want to be seen as compassionate and caring. They would rather give a man a fish so they can be seen by others to be generous rather than teach him to fish to he can be self-sufficient without their charity.

Reporter makes Bodie Miller break down

Rather than say something uplifting like, “Your brother is proud of you,” this woman pressed down on Bode Miller until he collapsed in grief so she could share his pain and then show how compassionate she is that she cares – “I feel your pain.” Liberals don't care about others, they care about making themselves look compassionate.

This is how the Left controls and manipulates people through their phony sympathy. Leftists are all about generating greed and envy and the desire to tear down those who achieve, while the Right is all about responsibility and effort to make one’s life better. Either life can be lived as the dupe of those who desire wealth and power at the expense of others, or working to achieve wealth despite the use of power by others to stop you.

Democrats blame Republicans for “keeping the little guy down,” when the truth is it has always been Democrats who want to keep little guys down so they can pander to them for their vote. Southern Democrats were slave holders and Northern Democrats were Robber Baron industrialists. It was Republicans like Abraham Lincoln who fought to abolish slavery and Theodore Roosevelt who fought to abolish monopolies that made life better for the working man. Republicans give the little guy the opportunity to rise, but he has to be willing to make the effort. Otherwise, they live small lives lifting Democrat masters on their shoulders and cheer when those who rise up are brought down.

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