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Young liberal wisdom; IV – Republicans are only for the richest 1%

Liberals believe that Republicans are only for the richest 1% know nothing more of Republicans than they learned from Little Orphan Annie.
Liberals believe that Republicans are only for the richest 1% know nothing more of Republicans than they learned from Little Orphan Annie.
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If all you know of Republicans you learned from the movie “Annie,” then you know nothing about the difference between the taxpayer and the tax parasite. Liberal Democrats cannot understand why anyone who doesn’t have a million dollars would vote Republican because Republicans, they say, are only for the rich. They do not understand that Republicans are for business and that the business of Americans is working for pay and profit. They believe profits are evil and that people making more money than they need is evil because they wrongly believe the old saying is “money is the root of all evil.”

Money is no more evil than guns. Money is no more responsible for greed than guns are responsible for murder. It is the person who has it that determines the good or evil by how they wield it.

“The love of money is the root of all evil.” – I Timothy 6:10

Making money and having money are not evil but a necessity of life because it is the method by which trade is enabled between people without the necessity of barter. A righteous man makes his wealth by trade and uses it to help people like Mitt Romney, while a wicked man makes his wealth by stealing from others and hordes that wealth for only himself and his friends like Barack Obama. Despite the smears of Romney and the propaganda for Obama the truth cannot be hidden about the character of these two men.

The difference between these men is like the difference between capitalism and socialism. Capitalism gives people the freedom to acquire wealth by their own effort through free market trading under the protection of a government that serves the people. Socialism steals wealth from those people who produce the most and gives it to their supporters through a government dictatorship.

Leftist believe anyone who is wealthy got rich by stealing because that is how they do it, whether by theft, robbery, or conning someone out of their money and they become Democrat politicians with that purpose in mind. They cannot understand Republicans who work to achieve wealth through commerce and trade, by producing products that people need or want, and through labor that is paid a fair wage for their contribution. Republicans have always been the protectors of the small businessman where Democrats have always protected the business of those in power.

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

America’s greatest presidents who ruled over a growing America were all Republicans. George Washington could have been king but relinquished power, Thomas Jefferson affirmed the authority of the Constitution, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, Theodore Roosevelt broke monopolies, and Ronald Reagan eliminated confiscatory taxation, all made America a greater nation. While the most powerful Democrat presidents, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Carter, and now Obama, all of whom had powerful Democrat controlled congresses, fostered an America in decline through massive taxation promising entitlement benefits.

Republicans also root out corruption in their party while Democrats embrace it. A prime example is Rep. Larry Craig (R-Fla.) who was forced to resign over the implication that he was homosexual because an officer arrested him for tapping his foot under a bathroom stall. In contrast, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was re-elected for over twenty years after he was caught running a male prostitution ring from his own house.

When it comes to voter fraud liberals embrace it, moderates tolerate it, while conservatives fight against it. In the last two elections blatant abuses were seen, one in Minnesota where Al Franken stole the election for the senate seat after multiple Democrat poll workers “found” hundreds of uncounted ballots in the trunks of their cars. In Port St. Lucie, FL, they reported 146% of registered voters casting ballots.

On the Republican side these flagrant acts of fraud were not challenged because the candidates were conservative members of the TEA Party and not moderate candidates willing to work with the Establishment Republicans to be Democrats-lite. So while corruption can be proven to exist in both parties, it is the liberal and moderate members who permit that corruption to flourish. But the betterment of the country has always come under Republican leadership where the middle class has the liberty to grow, rather than government growing at the expense of the people where government taxes are causing the middle class to shrink.

Republicans do not stand only for the richest Americans, but for every America who is a tax payer. When government taxes money from the people, it is sucking the wealth out of the economy. Democrats are pandering to the mob with freebies rather than promoting any kind of work ethic to which they only give lip service.

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