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Young liberal wisdom: III – Democrats are for the little guy

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The greatest lie being told to young Americans is that Democrats are for the little guy. To understand that their policies do not help, but hurt the little guy, you must understand from where they come. Democrats are the people who believe government should rule the citizens. They are the former slave owners of the South and members of the KKK like Senator Robert Byrd, and former organized crime bosses of the North.

Democrats started the KKK in the South after losing the War Between the States and having Republican President Lincoln overcome northern Democrats to abolish slavery. Organized crime lords like Mafia’s Godfathers were intelligent enough to realize that, rather than operate outside the law by blackmailing businessmen for “protection” from themselves, they could make their mooks vote them into control of the government where they could make the laws. As mayors, governors, congressmen, and eventually presidents, they could make laws and regulations to force businesses to come to them for permission to operate under their rules and collect from them legal government taxes rather than blackmail money.

This is the beginning of corruption in America’s elected government, and while it is endemic throughout government, its heart is in the Democrat Party. Under Wilson they learned the power of propaganda using news media to disseminate what they wanted people to believe, which included making Republicans out to be greedy and corrupt while telling the people Democrats were for the little guy. Democrats inflicted Prohibition, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, and abortion rights on the people.

Today’s Democrats who promise affordable healthcare for all, service from the doctors you want, liberty from having a job, and saving the planet from carbon emissions are promoting these things for one reason only – to confiscate more money from the people to support their corruption. Every program initiated by Democrats under the guise of making America better destroys whatever they touch, requiring them to spend more to “fix” the problems that weren’t really problems to begin with, and guaranteeing they are never fixed. Democrats’ “brown thumbs” turn everything they touch into sh*t.

With control of the health industry they can now force people to pay them for medical insurance, see the doctors who pay them campaign money, and control how much is spent on their healthcare when they get old and increase costs to prolong their lives. Taxpayers are useful to the government, while those who collect Social Security and require extensive medical care cost the government money. Insurance was never meant to be a business for profit, but corruption has allowed them to become corrupt, and now Democrats are seizing control of that corruption for their own profit rather than regulating the corruption out of it.

Obama says the TEA Party is the new KKK because they object to a black man in the White House, not his $1.5 trillion yearly deficits! Yet the former Grand Masters of the KKK who became congressmen were all in the Democrat Party. Democrats who promoted abortion on demand to “save poor people from the burdens of babies” did so to control the rapidly growing black population so which grew from 6% of the population to 12% in just one century. Over 50% of abortions are by blacks who comprise 12% of the population.

Organized crime lords, the men who sent their thugs into businesses to shake them down for protection money, used the wealth they stole from working people to install themselves into positions of greater power, like the government. They because union leaders so the workers would have to pay them to get a job and raises. They ran for government and became mayors, governors, congressmen, senators, and eventually presidents.

Once in those positions they raised taxes on the rich to confiscate most of the wealth men who created businesses and jobs, and when that wasn’t enough they went after the middle class. They invented social programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, and food stamps under the guise of helping the people, but they only help themselves to most of that money as less than half that goes into those programs makes its way back to the people. The income tax that Theodore Roosevelt only wanted to inflict on the Robber Barons of his day was supposed to be a small tax on the rich.

People used to pay taxes only for businesses and land. Instead it has become a means of double taxing all the people by first taking from their income and then taking more in sales taxes as well as business and land taxes. In 1900 Americans paid 7% of their income in taxes, while today it is over 40%.

Democrats who promise to steal wealth from the rich by waging a War on Prosperity do great damage to the economy, destroying jobs and businesses while sucking the lifeblood from the private sector. The worst depressions in the economy were all in the last century when Democrats raised taxes so high that businesses collapsed. Wilson, Roosevelt, LBJ, Carter, and Obama all orchestrated shrinking economies by stealing all they could from the rich, and then going after the middle class, which accounts for the only times the middle class shrank in America rather than grew.

Today’s Democrats milk taxpayers to buy the votes from tax parasites who live off of their fellow citizens without working for their own benefit, especially since Obama just removed the work requirement for welfare that was installed under Gingrich in the 90s. Their mantra of “income inequality” is to enlist the help of these parasites in bringing down the wealthy businessmen by telling their followers those men got rich on the blood and sweat of the poor working stiff who lives in squalor starving to death. Far from living the life of Les Misérables, the poor in America live better than the upper class in most nations around the world.

It has been seven years since Democrats took power in Congress. To listen to them it takes ten years for government to grow the economy, not just six months for their policies to have a profound effect. The last time America's economy was this bad was during the Carter administration. It took six months of Reaganomics to turn it around, not several years as Democrats insist. Wisconsin just proved them wrong again.

The people from whom Democrats take the most money are the middle class, not the filthy rich. The rich they do take from have less money with which to create new jobs and hire employees to grow their business. Drugs and crime are rampant and more people are becoming poor, losing their jobs, getting paid less every day.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The current generation of voters has proved that Americans are being dumbed down and failing to vote intelligently.

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