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'Young Lakota' Trailer sends the message that Indian women have rights

The documentary film called, “Young Lakota” will screen at the “Guild” cinema in Albuquerque, N.M., on May 17, 2014 at 1 p.m. It premiered on “Independent Lens” (PBS) back in Nov. 25, 2013 with a running time of 60 minutes.

Documentary on Indian Women's rights
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According to the official website of the guild cinema. The documentary will run a full 83 minutes. This a special screening event which is free to the public.

The documentary was Directed by Marion Lipschutz & Rose Rosenblatt. It was produced by Heather Rae. This special event is in collaboration with “Young Women United”, “Native American Voter's Alliance”, “Inspire HIV Prevention” & “Native Youth Sexual Health Network.”

The documentary trailer of “Young Lakota” runs approximately 3 minutes & 34 seconds. It opens with a screen shot of a sign that says, “Welcome to: Oglala Lakota Nation” which sits on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The houses look like something out of the late 1970's & early 1980's. The year is 2012. Sunny & Serena Clifford are twin sisters & one of them reveals how their mother wanted her to get an abortion after getting pregnant.

A statistic appears on the screen, “The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is home to 40,000 persons. 35% of which is under the age of 16.” Sunny Clifford works at the grocery store & by reading the newspaper she is not expected to do much, but to have children. In December of 2006, the state of South Dakota banned abortion. Cecelia Fire Thunder became the first female president of the Oglala Indian Nation. She planned to build an abortion clinic on the reservation.

Cecelia talked at a press conference about pregnancies caused by rape & incest within her tribe. She wanted the abortion clinic to support the Indian woman's right to choose. Anti-abortionists & even her own tribal council members spoke out against Cecelia. She was eventually impeached as president. Sunny & Serena praised Cecelia as the first president to stand up for the right's of Indian women.

There is an awakening within these two sisters who have been looking for something to fight for. What about their rights as Indian women on this reservation? Cecelia filed a lawsuit against the tribe for violating her rights. Native rap artist named, “Litefoot” spoke at a rally & believes building a clinic will not solve the tribes problems. One of the Clifford sisters told him that the clinic can help Indian women who need care after acts of violence such as rape & incest.

Cecelia opened the eyes of these two sisters who were at a cross roads in their lives as Indian women. One of them is seen handing out flyers about the laws that protect women. She & her sister want to be respected & treated right. They are tired of feeling pitiful because they're Indian women.

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