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Young kitten in Indiana thrown from car into traffic rescued by truck driver

Trucker's young life has had a rough start, but hopefully his future looks brighter.
Trucker's young life has had a rough start, but hopefully his future looks brighter.
Kentucky Humane Society

In a ghastly act of animal cruelty last week, a two-month-old kitten was thrown out of the window of a black sedan onto Highway 265 in southern Indiana. Fortunately, one of the tiny little orange tabby's nine lives kicked in, and a kind truck driver, who witnessed the despicable act, stopped and rescued the kitten.

Sadly, the kitten's torment didn't end at that moment, because at the point of his hard impact onto the road, his front leg was practically torn away from his tiny body and his face rubbed raw from the highway's rough surface. Although the Good Samaritan was initially met with suggestions to euthanize the kitten, the kitten's rescuer refused to give up.

When finally, the defenseless little one was rushed to the Kentucky Humane Society for care, compassion and emergency treatment, little Trucker's (as he was named) luck kicked in.

Initial surgery had to performed to amputate the remainder of Trucker's mutilated little leg, but his problems still weren't over. A subsequent surgery was performed to remove a bowel obstruction, and physical therapy has been ongoing; Trucker's inimitable spirit continues. The little one eats heartily and just purrs away loving everyone he meets.

On Friday afternoon, the Kentucky Humane Society posted Trucker's update on Facebook:

"TRUCKER UPDATE: Trucker continues to mend. He is alert and eating well. He is pottying on his own, although the vets are still monitoring his elimination. He is getting massages almost daily, and it is quite evident that he enjoys the massage therapy and all the attention he is getting from staff. Trucker’s recovery will take some time, but everyone is encouraged by his progress."

You go Trucker!

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