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Young husky surrendered to animal control for being 'too energetic'

CACC Transfer Team

On August 17, the owners of a one-year-old female Siberian husky named "Nia," surrendered their pet to the Chicago Animal Care and Control facility in Ill., because they felt that she was "too energetic," and they stated that they did not have enough time for her.

According to Wikipedia, Husky dogs are characteristically energetic and athletic - in other words, whoever originally secured Nia for a companion did not do their homework about the type of dog they were obtaining...or they thought that perhaps "their dog" would buck the norm and be a calm, mellow companion.

Today, the owner-surrendered dog is sitting in a kennel run at the facility where she has been designated "rescue only." Undoubtedly, Nia is frightened and confused at the sudden change in her life - she no longer has the people that she knew and she no longer is in the environment which had been her home.

Please take a moment to network Nia's information - she belongs with a family who will appreciate her, and all of her "energy."


  • Nia, female Siberian husky, identification number A115410
  • Age 1 year 1 month
  • Owner surrender/rescue only
  • Facebook thread here
  • Nia is RESCUE ONLY and available to all approved Homeward Bound partners. Why rescue only?
  • If you’re a rescue group that wants to apply to pull from Chicago ACC, please fill out a Homeward Bound Application below and fax to 312-747-1409 along with your IL Dept. of Agriculture License and 501c3.
  • If you want to foster a dog on this page, please contact any of our approved partners. Let them know you are interested in this particular dog at Chicago ACC and ask for a foster application. CACC Homeward Bound partners:

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