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Young entrepreneur's business is helping others realize their dreams

Billionaire PA is a young entrepreneur who blazes his career path by helping others literally say their dreams out loud and then helps them get started on their journey.

The Alabama native motivates audiences throughout Southern California with his personal stories of struggles and heading west to get a new perspective on life. He didn't set out with a destination in mind but drove until the Pacific Ocean stopped him.

He found himself living out of his truck, struggling to survive, and his entrepreneurial instincts surfaced, beginning with a series of original, positive quotes. He wrote over 4,000 quotes while living in the back of his truck.

Later, he created T-shirts with motivational sayings to generate cash flow during a television production internship and work at BET. He still drives the same truck so he doesn't forget the crisis that pushed him to succeed.

His goal is to help one billion people realize their dreams, and his passion is so strong that he embraced the name Billionaire PA.

I watched him speak to a gathering of students ranging from freshmen boys to seniors at Hawthorne High School and the rowdy group grew quiet when he related his story of achievement and his passion to help others.

His talk was the week after the Academy Awards and he mentioned the entertainment professionals who worked for their success but the abrupt clanging of a school bell interrupted his opening and threatened to disrupt the audience.

Billionaire remained calm and when the noise finished, he told the group, "Man, you've got to be crazy if you don't think there isn't going to be noise getting in the way of your dreams."

By the time he finished, several boys had "spoken their dreams into existence" while others cheered for them.

Billionaire's business model includes paid speaking engagements, motivational videos, and sponsorships for select students. During the first Wednesday night of each month, he hosts an evening for students and parents called Speak Dreams "Wealthy Wednesdays."

Currently, the event is held at the LA Mart in downtown. He is seeking a corporate sponsor to underwrite a new and permanent location as a way of supporting the families and helping a new generation of entrepreneurs and their families realize their dreams.

Billionaire's Facebook page contains his latest photos and updates from his events and engagements.

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