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Young dog dumped by owner at high kill shelter for digging under the fence

Ava is a happy-go-lucky dog, who only thought her human was taking her for a car ride last week. She just had no idea her life would be in serious jeopardy at the high kill San Bernardino City Animal Care and Control.

Ava has been described as extremely sweet. She has no idea how close she is to being euthanized at this high kill shelter.
Gail Foreman Rose

A volunteer was at the front counter as Ava, a spayed tan and white pit bull terrier and American bulldog mix, was relinquished to the shelter with hardly a backwards glance from her owner. And why was Ava dumped? Ava liked to dig under the fence, and the neighbor would get angry.

Were there no thoughts of training four-year-old Ava to be a better canine citizen? After all, she is friendly, gentle, and very pretty. If a dog isn't perfectly behaved, owners just toss them away like yesterday's old newspaper?

A volunteer was there as Ava was surrendered:

"She is left in the back yard and the neighbors dog is a yappy little dog. Ava dug under the fence and got into a fight with the Llasa next door so the girl's parents demanded the daughters bring her to the shelter. Poor girl loves this dog, and the dog loves people. She sat there in tears as her sister was in line. I would say this girl (dog) was bored. She did not appear 'dog aggressive' as several people, dogs, etc. were going in and out."

Another volunteer who also met and interacted with Ava wrote:

"Ava doesn't look well treated. She looks to be a back yard dog, but she loves people and and is very affectionate. I am so heart broken to see this girl's life in danger. She is craving for love."

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There have been offers to temporarily foster Ava, but a rescue is needed to help. Please network Ava's story to friends, rescues, family, and coworkers. Sharing saves lives.

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