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Young Bruce Wayne has been cast

Gotham tv show casting.
Gotham tv show casting.

We have been following all the latest news on the new FOX tv show "Gotham". We let you know who was cast has James Gordon, The Penguin, Alfred, and Harley Bullock. Now here's the big news, we now know who is cast as Bruce Wayne. David Mazouz has been cast as the young Bruce Wayne. David, pronounced " DAH-veed", is now 13 years old and has been acting since he was 8. He is now on the FOX show Touch as Jake Bohm. This kid has big shoes to fill, but with a name like "DAH-veed" he should be up for it, right? Really what's wrong with the good old "David", why do we have to be so fancy?
That's not the only big news to come out today. A young Selina Kyle, who we all kows grow up to be Catwoman, will be played by Camren Bicondova. Camren is new to the acting scene and with those super green eyes hopefully will make a great Catwoman.
The more news that's comes out about this show, the more excited we get. Too bad we will be waiting all summer for the the show to air in, hopefully, September. There's a lot of "hopefullys" going around. Being a huge fan of Batman, we are always hoping that some big company like FOX won't mess it up. But hopes are definitely high for the upcoming tv show "Gotham". What are your hopes for "Gotham"?