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Young boxing hopeful from Ghana and a dream

Ghana boxer hopes to be world champion one day
Ghana boxer hopes to be world champion one day
Courtesy-Felix Mankata

His name is Felix Mankata, a 23-year-old young man who hails from Ghana, a country in West Africa. Mankata is working hard with the hopes of one day becoming a world champion in the sport of boxing.

He lives in the city of Accra, Ghana's largest city and capital. Mankata's love for boxing started at a young age, he says he first learned about boxing at the tender age of four, it has been in his blood ever since.

With limited resources, Mankata has dedicated himself to boxing, working out and training daily. His skill as a fighter improved as a result of the dedication and training, he fought among the amateur ranks with some success. The problem is the lack of facilities and equipment, many fighters in Ghana have to improvise to get training, as is the case with Mankata.

With his medicals and paperwork completed, Mankata is now in the process of turning pro, he said he plans to try and land some fights and build his record. He currently has no manager and is not signed with any promoter, but that's not stopping him. Mankata also said his dream is to fight in America, it's a dream he intends to see come true.