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'Young and the Restless' recap: The Adam and Billy crash aftermath

What happened to Adam Newman, played by Michael Muhney, on Friday's 'Y&R'?
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Fans of “The Young & the Restless” were anxious to watch Friday's show and see just what happened after the car crash involving Adam Newman and Billy Abbott. Both actors involved, Michael Muhney and Billy Miller, wrapped up their roles with “Y&R” on Thursday, but where do things go from here? The Jan. 31 show gave fans a bit of an idea of what lies ahead for both Adam and Billy.

Much of Friday's episode of “The Young & the Restless” showed all of the others in Genoa City sorting through what Adam had done, or worrying about where Adam and Billy were. At one point, the car crash scene was shown, with one person outside the car walking. One shot showed the hand of the other rider moving slightly. Of course the faces weren't shown, so “Y&R” could only guess which person was which.

Later, Nick and Paul take off to try to find Adam and Billy. They come across the crash scene, and a bystander says he saw one person walk away. Nick runs down to the car, and says there's one person inside. As they scramble to try to get the person out, whom they still can't identify, the car bursts into flames.

In the preview for Monday's show, Paul says he doesn't see how anybody in that vehicle could have survived. Fans are definitely left hanging on this one, though many think they see how things will progress. While Billy Miller is now gone from the show, David Tom is back again as Billy Abbott beginning Monday.

As for Michael Muhney, he's now gone from the show entirely. When he was fired, he had indicated that the show told him they would likely bring Adam Newman back in a few months via a different actor. So, many would imagine that Billy will be alive but gravely injured while Adam will have escaped and be hiding away for a few months. However, others think that it will play out to be the reverse: Adam will seemingly die in the car crash, while Billy managed to walk away. Which path do you think "Y&R" chose to take on this one?

Tune in to “The Young & the Restless” on Monday, Feb. 3 to see what comes next in Genoa City. There will be a lot of fallout from Adam's confession now that everybody knows what seemingly happened. A lot of Muhney fans still think that it will turn out that Adam never actually hit Delia at all, which would certainly add another layer of complexity to this one. Fans are quite upset that Michael Muhney and Bill Miller are gone now, so it will be interesting to see who tunes in and who stays away as new shows air.

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