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Young and the Restless'heating up the storylines this summer

The Young and the Restless is firing on all cylinders with one storyline better than the other and all are terrific. Let us start with Hevon, pronounced heaven. Hillary and Devon are totally hot and adorable at the same time. Yes, I am a big Neil fan, but it was a big mistake to rush this much younger woman into marriage. Neil should know better especially after his last romance and now he is going to pay the price for this oh so wrong marriage.

Billy and Stitch fight

Devon is young, sexy, rich and a really good man whose only mistake was waiting too long to declare himself to Hillary. They are a match made in heaven and this summer is about to get much hotter.

Nikki versus Ian is another hot topic. Ian is a monstrous scumbag and deserves whatever he is about to have happen to him. Genoa City should do a Murder on the Orient Express type killing with each resident Ian has affected should stab or shoot him. Just picture them each creeping into his bedroom as he sleeps. Dylan, Paul, Victor's henchman, Christine, Nicholas, Victoria, Avery and Nikki all taking turns to slay the monster. I'd pay to see that.

Speaking of Victoria, she made a terrible choice and now she must pay for it. She fell in love with a murderer, Dr. Ben, who had the look of a murderer in his eyes after Billy spilled his dirty secret. If I were Billy I would watch my back. Kudos to Burgess Jenkins for making Billy Abbott someone to care about again.

Jack has fallen hard for Kelly and may have lost his brother for keeping Ben's secret from him. Will Jack be able to live with himself or Kelly after this betrayal? Again I am totally involved in their story and when Phyliss comes back it will be even better.

Speaking of Phyliss, Victor is deeply involved in her recovery as always his motives are not pure, they are devious and will benefit him in the long run. how will it backfire on hime one wonders. Will he pay for his deviousness? Of course not.

Poor Christine. She has finally found happiness and of course it will all fall apart. How will good guy Paul react? He can have his son, Dylan, and Chris too can't he?

My say it isn't so moment came with the look in Mariah's eyes after her talk with Nick. Please do not let Nick have sex with his daughters look alike. Yuck!

We see why Y&R is #1 and why it is the Best Daytime Drama on TV. It can be seen weekdays at 12:30 p.m. on the #1 network CBS.

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