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Young adults

These young adults will struggle with reality but they will figure it out!
These young adults will struggle with reality but they will figure it out!
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When you look at the new generations, does it make you worried about the future or do you believe they will figure it out just like we have? How vested are you in this group of individuals? How are your actions influencing them, positively or negatively? Or, perhaps, you don’t care one way or the other.

I’ve offered some recent articles about the power of self and lightwork, how many of these young adults do you believe are pushing forward confidently and trying to make the world a better place?

They have so much more to navigate than we did at their young age. I can’t imagine dealing with a social network 24/7. At least in my day (I’m 45 years old), if I had a rough day at school, I wouldn’t have to interface with this world until the next school day. Adolescents today are troubled and taunted through social media. I’m sure when it’s good, it’s great but when it is bad, it’s quite the downfall.

In my perspective, this population does seem to come with an aspect of entitlement that we didn’t have as we ventured into adulthood. Of course, I’m talking in general, there are always exceptions, but most of the people around me came from lower class economies, we knew we had to work hard in order to better ourselves and create a good future. I think this twenty-something generation has been given too much and so, as they make their way into the world, they haven’t really heard the word, “no.” It’s going to be tough for them as they start their quest and realize work is necessary in order to really gain full intrinsic value, the priceless stuff!

They must overcome genetic preconditioning, the affects of society such as broken families and, because of this, some not so healthy environments (high rates of suicide); many parents believe the material things they provide takes to place of their love. This population needs more of the intrinsic stuff; a loving and present parent that instills ethics and provides structure, someone who says no when it's not in their best interest, a safe place. offers great insight about this, take a look.

We can all step up and mentor these young adults. If there is one in your life, help them find their way; be there for him or her.

I must admit, when I trained to co-facilitate therapy groups in the county jail and prison, much of the people who sat around the table were of the twenty something crowd; this was promising. Beneath the attitude, they have heart and, heart is really what makes the world turn.

I do believe this population will work through their dilemmas, just as we have, and they will find their way. The torch of humanity will be passed and maintained!

If you’re worried about it, step up to the challenge and impact them in a positive way; actions speak louder than words!

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