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Young adult book Wish due out January 1

Alexandra Bullen

The new young adult book, Wish, is due out January 1, 2010. This first time novelist, Alexandra Bullen, releases the question  ' If you could wish for anything, what would it be?' 

This book introduces twins, Olivia and Violet. Violet dies and the family is forced to deal with her death.  Hurting Olivia finds a magical dress that allows her one wish. She, of course, wishes for her sister back at her side. The wish is granted, but unfortunately, she is the only who can see her sister.

With this second chance at life, the duo find themselves with two more dresses and two more wishes. The only thing is, wishes do not really resolve all of life's problems. Olivia is forced to find love and enjoyment. She needs to face her past and learn how to laugh again. 

Bullen is a freelance writer in San Francisco.