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You've got a 'SunFriend' that helps to prevent skin cancer

You LA Beauty Products Examiner, a major crusader for safe sun just received a clever new product called SunFriend. It's a watch or bracelet, take your choice, that you wear while out doors or even swimming that alerts you when you come dangerously too close to over-exposure.

Skin cancer alert provider
Photo courtesy of SunFriend

It is a colorful, waterproof and skin type adaptable sun monitor (watch the video for more details and come back in about a week for my review) that makes it a little safer under UV exposure thanks to sophisticated interior mechanics that based on internationally recognized scientific research and NASA inspired sensors. When used properly, it measures your daily UV exposure and alerts you when an optimal amount of UV is reached. Simply set SunFriend to your personal sensitivity level, based on skin type and color, then the rest of the work is done for you.

UVA+B SunFriend® Sun Monitor Instructions

  1. Turn ON SunFriend each day to start daily UV/Sun accumulation.
  2. Select your Skin Sensitivity by holding down the Set Sens button. 1 is for the lightest, and/or most sensitive skin and 11 is for the darkest, and/or least sensitive skin.* Start with lower numbers 1-4. As you become familiar with your own sensitivity, adjust the number accordingly. Hint: If you experience reddening of the skin after all 11 LED's have lit up, set your SunFriend® Skin Sensitivity to a lower number the next time you use it.
  3. Wear SunFriend face-up on your wrist throughout the day, making sure the face is unobscured by clothing. Check the Check UVA+B button from time to time to see how your dosage is accumulating.
  4. When all eleven of your LEDs light up and are Flashing, you have had your UV/Sun exposure for the day. It is time to apply sunscreen and/or sun-block clothing, or to go indoors.
  5. Turn OFF SunFriend© when you are not using it or to reset it for a new daily dosage accumulation. Hold the on/off button for at least 2 seconds, until the lights power down.

On paper this all sounds pretty good, but of course you must apply sunscreen, too, the SunFriend doesn't prevent sunburn or damage, it warns you when you're too close for comfort. It sells for $49.95 at As stated above, come back in about a week for a full review, or subscribe to this column for automatic updates, it's free and easy.

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