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You've been un-friended on Facebook - the nerve!

Facebook has revolutionized the world wide social networking community both on line and offline. People use Facebook for a myriad of reasons: to keep in touch with family, friends, find old friends you have lost touch with, even for business networking.

But, the impact on one's psyche sometimes isn't as positive as it should be when you have requested a friend connection or lost one you have already had for no apparent reason.

This is the problem with virtual networking. While seemingly positive, you are putting everything out there for everyone who has access to an Internet connection to see.

While you may think that you have set your privacy settings to block others who are not in your network from viewing your page, there are work arounds for the Internet savvy.

Having someone reject you on line for some can be as devastating as having someone kick sand in your face and steal your ice cream cone when you were a kid.

Simply put, being rejected in any way is not pleasant.

But in order to mitigate that from happening in the first place, ask yourself, why do you think someone 'un-friended' you?

Perhaps it is the constant drama you are posting on your status updates, sometimes we really don't want to know your dirty laundry. Keep it clean.

Perhaps the connection you once had with this person was only of mere acquaintance and not something that the other wants to pursue. This is their prerogative.

Perhaps it was a friend of a friend who you knew through a soured relationship.

In any event, don't let someone un-friending you let you lose sight of the reason why Facebook is a fantastic networking tool. Not everyone has to like you, and those that do will be connected to you on Facebook because they want to be. Let it go. Be positive. Move on.


  • Elizabeth 5 years ago

    Yes so true. Sometimes people take it to the extreme and others get upset, forgetting that it's just a network, a computer, and they still have thier outside lives where they can go out and talk to people face to face... Good Article!
    I wrote one on status update as well!

    Toronto Health Care Examiner

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