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You’ve been to Wonderland before, strangeness and the suddenness of impact

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The great expectations and pressures adults put on each other to conform to certain standards is abominable. Most adults don’t remember ever coming to themselves or who they even were as children, their dreams and longings. As children we are able to respond to things boldly and inquisitively.

Alice in Wonderland is the most read, analyzed and criticized piece of literature in the world

Childhood is a very real space in time. The story gives us a glimpse and reminder of the child in us we have lost and as in most cases are expected to give up. Is this the real Alice? We are adults entering into a liminal space of self we may no longer recognize, and it does take some doing to get back to the real ‘you.’

Poems, prayers and word play

As an adult you are expected to clean up those nonsensical wordplays, whimsical reasoning and more than anything faith and belief. It’s not the adult thing to do as preached to you by those who have become embittered and are sure they know what is unknown better than you do.

It is adults who determine the boundaries and extent of childhood

Assuming the translation of adulthood ( where children do not reside), ‘they’ those who wish to define, do not preserve its completeness.

What a child knows

Speaking to adult sensibilities the complexities and the ‘uglies’ are left out, for according to adults childhood is not the place for such things. Life also happens to children and leading a ’sheltered ‘ life is most unrealistic, and a child surely knows the difference.

Ritual creates liminal space

Reading is one such ritual that allows you to inhabit the experience. “Liminal” represents a time in which is transitional and you inhabit two different worlds. ‘In-between’ neither here nor there, doing what is observed as culturalistic activities, role get determined.

Traveling to other worlds while keeping ties to this one

They have imaginations and they don’t stop pretending. Threshold people, the lunatic fringe who seem to slip out of being categorized and in doing so they slip out of cultural classification. And the children willingly go. Like Dorothy and Peter Pan, Alice is out to retrieve her soul.

Grown-ups and the child she has been, or thinks she has been, or would like to have been, or believes children to be

Mourning, a natural manifestation of life. The existence of the lost person, place or thing is consciously prolonged, it’s a time when you realize not just who you lost but what you lost in him. Self-criticism, disappointment and feelings of guilt are normal. It’s a state of being, mourning is, which replaces the lost person or thing.

Mourning the courageous child you were

Jane Fonda during a very tender and vulnerable reveal she expresses during Oprah’s “Masterclass” she reveals her mourning and loss of courage. From a feisty, strong and brave tomboy to suddenly having boyfriends and being skinny. Suddenly adult expectations and cultural definitions came into play. “You had to be popular and you had to be the way they wanted you to be. I slept a lot, I didn’t know what to do because I was floundering.” Mourning the loss of self. Jane’s father called her frivolous and lazy.

From a feisty, strong and brave tomboy to suddenly having boyfriends and being skinny. You had to be popular and you had to be the way they wanted you to be. Mourning the loss of self.

Jane’s father called her frivolous and lazy

“I was on this toxic quest to perfection, starving and bulimic, on the quest for perfection.” Double agents of reality and fantasy when they are nowhere to be found a sense of awkwardness and self-awareness is felt of otherness, built-in tensions, the push-pull begins. “Alice” is always the wrong size for her situation.

Absurd Wonderland logic

What is clear narrative, honest and innocent is not understood by the adult reader in the story of Alice in Wonderland, and what a child does not perceive or understand is the common pretense and the illusions of an adult life.

“Was I the same this morning when I got up? I remember feeling a little different

Alice begins to cry. She remembers feeling a little different, “ But if I’m not the same then who am I?” The desire to return to a way of thinking that must be in the adult somewhere. “I-I’m a little girl who has gone through a number of changes. “ It’s tea time.” Life goes on and Alice finds herself ‘going along,’ negotiation and arbitration. At every point Alice finds herself teetering between the two options.

Alien elements and the strangeness of impact, one day Alice came to a fork in the road

We are not meant to be prefect, we are meant to be whole.” Being who ‘they’ want you to be, is a toxic quest.

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