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You too can have an upside down chandelier cake for your wedding

Actress Kayley Cuoco recently got married and while celebrities get married all the time and people go crazy oohing and aahing over their dresses, this time people went ga-ga over her wedding cake; an ultra unique handing chandelier cake that was upside down. The cake was insane and beautiful and no doubt will become an inspiration for many brides to come but there are some brides out there who might wonder if they too will be able to have such a unique cake at their wedding. The answer to this is yes! Upside down chandelier cakes are nothing new. In fact you can actually purchase a hanging upside down cake stand (like at for your own creations or your baker's. Now the big difference between Kayley Cuoco's cake and your upside down chandelier wedding cake? The size! Using a prefabricated cake stand will only get you a cake so big about 12 inches on the top layer versus a 27 inch top layer.

Upside down chandelier cake inspirations
Loved Kayley Cuoco's wedding cake? You can have one too for your wedding!

So if you're realistic on what you want out of your cake then even you too can have an upside down chandelier cake for your wedding! Ready to check out some outstanding upside down chandelier cakes that you can can use as inspiration? Just click through the slideshow and find your favorite to take to your wedding cake baker!

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