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You should look for Synergy in your next relationship

How important is synergy to you?

What is Synergy?

According to the dictionary the definition of synergy is the ability to produce something better together than you could do alone. When you think about this when it comes to relationships it can have an entirely new meaning.

A good way to look at this is when you go somewhere and there is a couple and for some reason they look extremely happy together. They look as though they genuinely have fun together and it is not forced. When it comes to relationships unforced effort should be another one of the key components individuals look for when it comes to connecting to someone else.

When it comes to synergy in your relationship how do you know what to look for?

Unfortunately this does not happen in every relationship. There are some who get into relationships for the wrong reasons. There are those that believe money and or looks are most important. Synergy is the last thing they look for. Not to say these relationships don't work but shouldn't people want more?

Synergy is not really something you have to look for. It is something that just happens. When two individuals meet for some instantly they both just know, there is something about this individual that is just different and together we could be awesome. For some others it may take them a little longer. They don't initially know what they can do together but at some point eventually they too realize, together they can do something great.

When it comes to synergy in a relationship it is an undeniable chemistry that is not only felt it is also definitely something seen as well. Now that you have an idea of what it is, do you have it in your relationship? Or if you are single will you look for synergy in your next relationship?

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